Growing a Pizza Garden

cherry tomatoesThis summer we are having fun with our garden, keeping it simple and having a deliciously fun plan for harvesting.  We are growing a pizza garden.

What’s in our pizza garden?  Patio tomato plants, oregano, parsley and sweet basil.  We had intended to also grow garlic and bell peppers but the rainy spring was not our friend, so this year the pizza garden has been simplified.  Regardless, there are still so many lessons for the kids; the growing process, responsibility in watering, harvesting and cooking.

I was hoping for a little excitement from my youngest in this project and the concept of a pizza garden appears to be working.  She has laid her claim announcing that she is the only one to pull ripe tomatoes from the vine and watering isn’t considered a chore, but it’s early in the process :)!  Our plan is to make pizza sauce together with our spices and tomatoes and to also create a white pizza with some of the tomatoes and our sweet basil.

Adding a little kid creativity to the project, we found chalkboard planter markers for only a dollar a piece.

chalkboard plant marker     plant marker

We then grabbed some inexpensive crafting paint from our craft shelves and my daughter created her own designs to add her personal touch to them for our pizza garden.

paint project for kids  kids art project  kids art   plant tags

She then decided which marker belonged to each plant, I added the names with a white puffy paint and now  she is very proud of her creations and even more excited about our mini gardening project.

parsley   sweet basil   oregano

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