Easter Eggs: Decorating made Easy with this Crafty Striping Technique

Striped Easter Eggs

Festive & Fun!

As Easter rolls around, decorating Easter Eggs is always at the top of the list.  There are so many unique & creative ideas and the possibilities are limitless.  Here is just one simple decorating tip to consider; striping Easter Eggs.  It’s easy to do with this crafty technique and all you need is;

An egg decorating kit

Painter’s tape


  1. Step 1: Cut the tape to the desired width and length.  Each striped egg can be tailored for your desired striping result, cut it thing, leave it thick, cut several pieces, cut one…you are the creator of your striped eggs!
  2. Step 2:  Mix the colors on the kit as directed or use the traditional method (see below).

Step 3:  Place the tape on the eggs where desired & gently press along the edges so that the color won’t bleed through.

Step 4:  Dip your egg(s) in to the desired colors on either side of the striping and let them dry.  You can actually speed the process by gently wiping the egg(s) with a paper towel to remove any drips.  You can dip each side a different color as well.

Step 5:  Once the dye is dried, gently remove the tape to reveal your striped egg.


Middle Stripe: If you want to color the middle stripe, just add tape to protect from bleeding where needed and use a basting brush, paint brush or sponge to add color to the center.  Let it fully dry or use the wiping method before removing the tape.

Note:  You definitely want to cover your work surface before beginning this project.

McCormick’s Old Fashioned Egg Coloring

This is how my mom colored eggs when I was young…

½ cup boiling water + 1 teaspoon vinegar + 20 drops of McCormick food colors


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    Hi, I love this EASTER DIY This one is really cool and different.. I think it makes sense to paint an egg and use painters technique for a beautiful finish.. my name is maria and I am visitng all the blogs that entered all Fabulous Friday Link Party!.. Ive been really busy with my daughter wedding.. she is married now and I can start posting more and will be having more parties soon. Have a great Easter with yours.
    Hugs Maria

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    I don’t think I would of thought to use painters tape, but they sure came out cute. I wish we could keep eggs out all year they are so pretty. Thanks for sharing your creativeness with us at Sunday’s Best!

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