Crayon Art

Crayon art is a GREAT boredom buster!  We discovered Crayon Art on Pinterest and decided to put it to the test and find out for ourselves if it worked or not.  And, like any artwork, we added our own creativity to the project.  We tried three different experiments and they were all easy, fun, creative and messy; the perfect elements for a fun experience, experiment and memory making moment.



Supplies Needed:

Crayons (colors of your choice)

Art canvas

Tacky glue

Hair dryer

Old newspapers, old towel or drop cloth

For the first art project select enough crayons to fit across the top of your canvas.  In many of the Pinterest options the crayons are placed tightly together, but as you can see in our photos we left spacing in between each crayon.  The amount of crayons used will depend on the size of your canvas.  My youngest enjoyed selecting the crayon colors and deciding their order for this project.

Leaving the wrappers on, glue the crayons with tacky glue point down onto one end of the canvas.  Let the glue holding your crayons in place dry completely before moving to the next step.


Once the crayons are dry, stand the canvas up on newspapers, an old towel or drop cloth. Using the hair dryer melt the crayons until they start dripping down creating streams of color. Continue melting the crayons until you are satisfied with the length of your waxy drips and your overall creation.


EXPERIMENT TWO: Crayon Spray Art

Supplies Needed:

Crayons (colors of your choice)

Art canvas

Hair dryer

Old newspapers, old towel or drop cloth

Place the canvas on old newspapers, a towel or drop cloth.  For the second crayon art project we selected 8 crayons, you can select as many colors as you would like for your experiment.   Remove the wrappers.

One at a time, hold the crayons in front of the hair dryer so that the wax begins to melt.


It will take about a minute but the crayon will melt and create a splattered paint look on the canvas. Repeat this process with each crayon color turning the canvas as you go so that the colors will be sprayed all over the canvas instead of in one corner.


EXPERIMENT THREE: Crayon Art Designs

Supplies Needed:

Crayons (colors of your choice)

Art canvas

Hair dryer

Masking tape or painters tape

Old newspapers, old towel or drop cloth

Place the canvas on old newspaper or a drop cloth.  Tape a design on the canvas to add your own personal touch.  We experimented by adding the letter ‘J’.

Repeat the directions from Experiment Two; Crayon Spray Art.

After the melted crayons on the canvas have dried remove the tape so that your design is revealed.



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  1. says

    We’ve made crayon art by leaving them in the car on hot summer days while traveling on vacation, though I did not see the beauty in it at the time!
    My kids are going to love these art experiments. Pinning!

  2. says

    I love all three ideas! This will be something fun to do with the grandbabies next time they are down. Question – would it be recommended to seal the canvas after you are done? Thanks for sharing! Millie

  3. says

    Hello there, I’ve seen this on pinterest and decided to wait on trying them until someone “real” did it (you know how sometimes things look awesome on pinterest but they don;’t turn out that way) I’m glad you shared this project! I will give it a try now! Looks like fun!
    I came over to visit you from Love Bakes Good Cakes party! Have a fun week!

  4. says

    Love this crayon art! I bet children really enjoy doing this. I will be sharing this post at the Top 10 Favorites of the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party! The party will go live Monday morning. I will be pinning and tweeting this post! Thanks for sharing!


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