Free Thanksgiving Printable Lunch Box Joke Notes Add Family Fun to the Holiday


thanksgiving riddle cards cutHere’s to a little Thanksgiving lunchbox packing fun for everyone.  What is it?  We surfed the web to find Thanksgiving Riddles.  We then picked six riddles that were stumpers.  Our main test requirement to narrow down the six to share with you?  They ultimately had to make all of our test shares laugh.  We then turned them into printable lunchbox notes so that you could share them with your family.  We’ve made it super easy!  All you have to do is print them out, cut them into individual riddle cards and share them with your family.

What we’ve found?  Everyone has been enjoying them.  As we share the cards, typically everyone is stumped until the last card when they start to catch on to the humor pattern and start thinking in riddles.

All you have to do is click on the link below the picture to pull up the pdf.  The answers are below;

Thanksgiving jokes

Thanksgiving jokes

Riddle: If April Showers Brings May Flowers What do Mayflowers bring?

Answer: Pilgrims

Riddle:  When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

Answer:  In the Dictionary

Riddle: What sound does a Turkey’s Phone make?

Answer: Wing-Wing!

Riddle: What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving?

Answer: The letter ‘G’

Riddle:  What is the best thing to put Into pumpkin pie?

Answer:  Your teeth!

Riddle: When the pilgrims landed, where did they stand?

Answer:  On their feet!

IMG_1384 Check out our lunch time food art Thanksgiving fun that’s perfect any time this month or to use with left-overs the weekend after by clicking here.





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Create Family Togetherness by Promoting Thankfulness with an Attitude of Gratitude Jar

Every year our family does something to encourage a focus on thankfulness or, as we call it, the Attitude of Gratitude throughout the month of November.

When my boys were little we used to create a large tree base with brown poster board and hang it on the wall.  We would then cut out colorful leaves from construction paper & add a leaf every day in November with something written on it that we were thankful for.  We’ve continued the tradition, but it’s morphed over the years as the kids have grown and last year we started an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ jar. My youngest totally jumped on board with the plan, which is simply filling out a tag made of construction paper every time you have something to be grateful for and then add it into the jar.

I loved secretly sneaking to read the tags when no one was home.  One day last year when we had unexpected company, my youngest kept herself busy by sitting at the counter, filling out tags and adding them to the jar.  When she went to bed I pulled them out to read them and one had written on it, ‘and let’s not forget to be thankful for me, MOI!’ 

This jar was super easy to create.  We purchased a container at Target, decorated it with a combination of  scrapbooking paper & construction paper, labeled it, cut out colorful slips of paper to add to the jar with our thankful thoughts & we were ready to go.  The entire project was under $10, but whenever you have a focus on being thankful, there’s always a powerful impact.

We just pulled it out to start all over again for this year & I’m excited to see what lands in the jar this month…

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