These Adorable Snowmen are made from Kid Thumbprints & make Perfect Holiday Thank You Cards

Snowman Thumb Print Thank You NotesLooking for a little crafty fun?  Check out these easy & relatively inexpensive thumbprints that became snowmen that turned into the perfect holiday thank you notes to share with family & friends.

Not only were they easy, but they filled up an afternoon with crafting that kept kids busy and active.


Blank Card Notes (see below)

Puffy paints (or 3D Paints – see below)

2 – 3 different colored stamp pads

Step 1: Create snowmen by using thumbs to create the head, body & bottom of each snowman.  We made three snowmen on each card to represent the three kids in our family.  Let them dry.

Step 2:  Add snow to the bottom the card by using either white or glittering crystal 3D Paint (a.k.a puffy paints)

Step 3: Add arms using the brown 3D Paints.

Step 4:  Add black eyes & mouths using 3D Paints.

Step 5:  Add orange noses using 3D Paints.

Step 6:  Add snowflakes and dots to the top to finish it off using 3D paints.

Blank Cards:  We found the blank cards used in the photo in a $1 bin in the crafting section at Wal-mart near the scrapbooking supplies.  They were 8 cards for $1.  However, you can also purchase blank cards at local crafting stores with coupons for under $5.

3D Paints:  These can be found in both crafting stores & at Wal-marts for less than a $1 per bottle.  We use both Scribbles 3D paint & polymark dimensional fabric paints.

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Hot Cocoa Cones are the Perfect Recipe Combining Food & Craft for Kids to Make & Gift

hot cocoa cones Whether you are looking for an easy make & share for the upcoming classroom party or a fun craft the kids can gift to a few friends, Hot Cocoa Cones are always a great option.  We made hot cocoa cones last year for my daughter’s entire classroom & they were a hit; they are perfect for all of the snow days & school vacations in coming in our very near future.

This time of year is always busy & if you can have a little time together in the kitchen crafting with food while avoiding the oven it can be an added bonus with already hectic schedules & extra activities this time of year.



Supply list:

Holiday wrapping paper

Poster board


Stapler & staples

Cellophane or Clear Cellophane gift bag (party supplies)


Instant Hot Chocolate Packets

Mini Marshmallows

Saran Wrap

Candy Canes

  1. Create a template on the poster board as seen in the photo to create the cone.  Each cone will need a poster board or brown paper bag base for stiffness. (sides are approximately 5 inches on each side with the triangular part of the cone at approximately 6 ½ inches)
  2. Trace and cut wrapping paper to fit the cone template.
  3. Staple the wrapping paper and poster board together so that the paper doesn’t shift.
  4. Roll to make the cone & staple it into form.
  5. Roll the hot chocolate packet and slide it inside of the cone.
  6. Wrap approximately a ½ cup of marshmallows in the Plastic Wrap.  I typically tie mine off with a twist tie, ribbon or tape.
  7. Place the marshmallows on top of the cone.
  8. Wrap the entire cone with cellophane so that it is one piece.  Tie the top with Ribbon.
  9. Add a holiday note & voila, your food craft gift is ready to share.

Note: One 10.5 oz. Price Chopper Bag of mini marshmallows yields 10 – 11 half cup scoops for Hot Cocoa Cone wrapping.



Lunchbox Holiday Notes for Kids are a Great Way to Connect with Family Fun

holiday note picI had so much fun sharing the last set of Lunchbox notes that I decided to search the web and pick our top six to share for the current holiday season.  All you have to do is click on the link below to pull up the pdf, print it, clip the notes & pack away.  All of the answers for this round of kid fun is below the picture.

So far, my youngest immediately got the first one, but was stumped on the other five.  I will be missing the lunchbox packing fun once we’re done with elementary school, so here’s to a little Kid Fun, which I think is more parent fun on occasion :)!

Holiday Lunchbox Joke Notes

holiday 2013 lunchbox joke notes

Riddle: Where do snowmen keep their money?

Answer: In a Snow Bank.

Riddle: What did the gingerbread man put on his bed?

Answer: A baking sheet.

Riddle: What did the reindeer say to the elf?

Answer: Nothing, reindeer don’t talk.

Riddle: What do get when you cross an apple with a Christmas tree?

Answer: A pineapple.

Riddle: What’s in December that’s not in any other month?

Answer: The letter ‘D’.

Riddle: What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

Answer: Frosted flakes.

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Family Fun for the Holidays making a Reindeer Food Holder Craft

Reindeer Food Craft Over the years we have both made & received reindeer food.  Many of the reindeer food gifts we have received contained items like glitter, etc. in the mix.  So, I morphed the concept into our own concoction to share that is both festive & eco-friendly to any critters that might partake once it’s been dusted outside to attract Santa’s Reindeer for a visit.  You can grab my Reindeer Food Recipe by clicking here.  In addition to making this fun combo, we also created an affordable Reindeer Food Holder Craft that was perfect for family fun & a great way to share this festive treat with friends.  Making the Reindeer Food Holder Craft & filling it with the Reindeer Food has made a wonderful classroom gift or just the right share with family friends.  It also has provided a fun way to sprinkle out reindeer food on Christmas Eve.


Reindeer Food Holder Craft Supplies Needed:

Reindeer Food

Black Marker

Black poster board or card stock

Large Paper Bag


Red Duct Tape



1.  Cut one rectangular side of the bag away from the rest of the bag & lay it on a flat surface.

Reindeer Food 012

2. Cut out a curved triangular shape like below (the sides equal 8 inches in length and then slightly curve/arc the top).

3. Using a black marker, add eyes towards the top of the arc.  Note: The point will end up being the nose of the reindeer.  You can also use the craft wiggly eyes if desired by attaching them with crafting glue.

4.  Roll the triangular piece of paper and staple it to create a cone shape.

5.  Add a piece of red duct tape around the point to create a rudolph nose affect.

6.  Cut two antlers out of the black card stock or poster board by creating a large ‘Y’ that is 1 1/2 – 2 inches thick.

7.  Cut out a handle form the black card stock or poster board that is approximately 10 – 12 inches long & 1 1/2 – 2 inches thick.

8.  Staple the antlers and handle in place.

9.  Fill the reindeer holder with reindeer food.  We actually wrap the reindeer food in a cellophane goody bag and tie it off with holiday colored ribbon before putting it in the holder and then open it & pour it into the holder on Christmas Eve before sprinkling it outside for Santa’s Reindeer.