Bubble Snake Maker

It’s time to start thinking about a little summer fun & bubbles are always a blast.  Here’s a share from our friends at the Imagine Nation Museum in Bristol, CT.

parker with bottle imaginnation abby blowing bubbles

Bubble Snake Makers are a quick, inexpensive project that’s easy to make and so much fun for kids it’ll keep them happy and entertained for hours!

1) Gather your supplies.

  • Empty Plastic Water Bottle
  • Washcloth
  • Rubber Band
  • Scissors

bubble snake materials

2) Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and cut the washcloth into a square/circle.

3) Put the washcloth over the open bottom of the plastic water bottle and secure it with a rubber band.

adding washclothwashcloth on bottle

4) Put bubble solution in a bowl and to dip the washcloth end of your Bubble Snake Marker into.

  • Note: Bubble solution can be quickly made by combining 1 part Joy dishwashing liquid to 2 parts water.

 Bubbles Up Close

5) Gently blow into the mouth of your bottle to create a long chain of bubbles that looks like a snake!

  • WARNING: Be careful to not to suck in or you’ll get a mouth full of bubbles!

girl blowing bubbleparker blowing bubbles boy blowing bubble