This Easy Craft Creates Kid Birthday Fun

paper chain craftI don’t know who gets more excited for my kid’s birthdays; me or the kids?

My youngest’s birthday is coming up at the end of January.  Over the years we have exchanged many notes to each other; it’s been one of our little ‘things’ that I treasure and love.  So I thought this easy craft would create a little birthday fun to share with her as we counted down to her big day in a special way.

It was very inexpensive, because I used what I already had in the house.  I’m notorious for purchasing scrapbooking paper & then not ever getting to ‘it’, but will some day.  So I raided my craft stash of scrapbook papers and pull out a bunch of wintery pink and purple sheets that were decorated with mittens, snowflakes, etc.  I then cut them into strips & created a paper rings with a stapler to countdown each day until her birthday.  I then attached notes to the chain in sealed envelopes for her to discover as a surprise along they way as she counted down.  It was simple & it has been fun and it’s just a little something extra to celebrate her!

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These Adorable Snowmen are made from Kid Thumbprints & make Perfect Holiday Thank You Cards

Snowman Thumb Print Thank You NotesLooking for a little crafty fun?  Check out these easy & relatively inexpensive thumbprints that became snowmen that turned into the perfect holiday thank you notes to share with family & friends.

Not only were they easy, but they filled up an afternoon with crafting that kept kids busy and active.


Blank Card Notes (see below)

Puffy paints (or 3D Paints – see below)

2 – 3 different colored stamp pads

Step 1: Create snowmen by using thumbs to create the head, body & bottom of each snowman.  We made three snowmen on each card to represent the three kids in our family.  Let them dry.

Step 2:  Add snow to the bottom the card by using either white or glittering crystal 3D Paint (a.k.a puffy paints)

Step 3: Add arms using the brown 3D Paints.

Step 4:  Add black eyes & mouths using 3D Paints.

Step 5:  Add orange noses using 3D Paints.

Step 6:  Add snowflakes and dots to the top to finish it off using 3D paints.

Blank Cards:  We found the blank cards used in the photo in a $1 bin in the crafting section at Wal-mart near the scrapbooking supplies.  They were 8 cards for $1.  However, you can also purchase blank cards at local crafting stores with coupons for under $5.

3D Paints:  These can be found in both crafting stores & at Wal-marts for less than a $1 per bottle.  We use both Scribbles 3D paint & polymark dimensional fabric paints.

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Project Inspired @ Cupcakes & Crinoline

Crayon Art

Crayon art is a GREAT boredom buster!  We discovered Crayon Art on Pinterest and decided to put it to the test and find out for ourselves if it worked or not.  And, like any artwork, we added our own creativity to the project.  We tried three different experiments and they were all easy, fun, creative and messy; the perfect elements for a fun experience, experiment and memory making moment.



Supplies Needed:

Crayons (colors of your choice)

Art canvas

Tacky glue

Hair dryer

Old newspapers, old towel or drop cloth

For the first art project select enough crayons to fit across the top of your canvas.  In many of the Pinterest options the crayons are placed tightly together, but as you can see in our photos we left spacing in between each crayon.  The amount of crayons used will depend on the size of your canvas.  My youngest enjoyed selecting the crayon colors and deciding their order for this project.

Leaving the wrappers on, glue the crayons with tacky glue point down onto one end of the canvas.  Let the glue holding your crayons in place dry completely before moving to the next step.


Once the crayons are dry, stand the canvas up on newspapers, an old towel or drop cloth. Using the hair dryer melt the crayons until they start dripping down creating streams of color. Continue melting the crayons until you are satisfied with the length of your waxy drips and your overall creation.


EXPERIMENT TWO: Crayon Spray Art

Supplies Needed:

Crayons (colors of your choice)

Art canvas

Hair dryer

Old newspapers, old towel or drop cloth

Place the canvas on old newspapers, a towel or drop cloth.  For the second crayon art project we selected 8 crayons, you can select as many colors as you would like for your experiment.   Remove the wrappers.

One at a time, hold the crayons in front of the hair dryer so that the wax begins to melt.


It will take about a minute but the crayon will melt and create a splattered paint look on the canvas. Repeat this process with each crayon color turning the canvas as you go so that the colors will be sprayed all over the canvas instead of in one corner.


EXPERIMENT THREE: Crayon Art Designs

Supplies Needed:

Crayons (colors of your choice)

Art canvas

Hair dryer

Masking tape or painters tape

Old newspapers, old towel or drop cloth

Place the canvas on old newspaper or a drop cloth.  Tape a design on the canvas to add your own personal touch.  We experimented by adding the letter ‘J’.

Repeat the directions from Experiment Two; Crayon Spray Art.

After the melted crayons on the canvas have dried remove the tape so that your design is revealed.



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Thumbprint Art for Dad!

Are you looking for a quick and easy gift for dad?  Check out this simple, but fun thumbprint art apron that’s perfect for the grill lovin’ dad in your family.  It’s great for father’s day, a birthday or just because….

 Supplies Needed:

1 white cotton apron

Craft/fabric paint

Craft/fabric pens/markers

Craft sponge brush


thumbprint art designs We start by creating our design on paper first.

And, then we transfer the design to the apron.  Thumbprint art apron  Simply follow along with the video; it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Added tips:

* Let each of the kids select their own favorite color for their thumbprint.

* wait until the thumbprints are dry before adding any of the embellishments with the fabric marker.