Bath Salt Kid Fun

National Bubble Bath Day prompted an entirely different kind of recipe at our counters.  We made         Bath Salts to share;

Our Bath Salt Recipe Fun:

1/2 cup Epsom Salts

1 teaspoon glycerin

1/2 a dropper of essential oil (we used pomegranate vanilla)

3 – 5 drops of soap coloring

Use a glass or metal bowl and a metal spoon to mix your bath salts together.  First we started by measuring the Epsom salts.  Then we measured and added in the glycerin, essential oil and soap coloring and stirred it all together.  You can find the essential oils and soap safe colors by visiting your local craft store.  The soap colors we found had three different colors in a package and so we actually made lavender, a light orange and a sage green colored salts.  We shared our festive fun with a friend and made 8 different bath salt creations & still have more supplies to keep going….and going….and going.

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