Thumbprint Art for Dad!

Are you looking for a quick and easy gift for dad?  Check out this simple, but fun thumbprint art apron that’s perfect for the grill lovin’ dad in your family.  It’s great for father’s day, a birthday or just because….

 Supplies Needed:

1 white cotton apron

Craft/fabric paint

Craft/fabric pens/markers

Craft sponge brush


thumbprint art designs We start by creating our design on paper first.

And, then we transfer the design to the apron.  Thumbprint art apron  Simply follow along with the video; it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Added tips:

* Let each of the kids select their own favorite color for their thumbprint.

* wait until the thumbprints are dry before adding any of the embellishments with the fabric marker.

Bubble Snake Maker

It’s time to start thinking about a little summer fun & bubbles are always a blast.  Here’s a share from our friends at the Imagine Nation Museum in Bristol, CT.

parker with bottle imaginnation abby blowing bubbles

Bubble Snake Makers are a quick, inexpensive project that’s easy to make and so much fun for kids it’ll keep them happy and entertained for hours!

1) Gather your supplies.

  • Empty Plastic Water Bottle
  • Washcloth
  • Rubber Band
  • Scissors

bubble snake materials

2) Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and cut the washcloth into a square/circle.

3) Put the washcloth over the open bottom of the plastic water bottle and secure it with a rubber band.

adding washclothwashcloth on bottle

4) Put bubble solution in a bowl and to dip the washcloth end of your Bubble Snake Marker into.

  • Note: Bubble solution can be quickly made by combining 1 part Joy dishwashing liquid to 2 parts water.

 Bubbles Up Close

5) Gently blow into the mouth of your bottle to create a long chain of bubbles that looks like a snake!

  • WARNING: Be careful to not to suck in or you’ll get a mouth full of bubbles!

girl blowing bubbleparker blowing bubbles boy blowing bubble



Egg Heads & Gardening

We’re having a different kind of fun in the kitchen today, but it’s all food related!  We’re beginning our gardening over spring break using eggs as our seed starters.

blown eggscrack the egg gently

Start with hollowed (or blown) eggs and gently crack the top off.

markerskids fun 101 - creatingIMG_4268

Using craft markers (NOT washable), begin to create your egg-heads by adding faces of all kinds.

kids fun 101 - gardeninggardening - seed starter potting mix

Using seed starter potting mix, fill the egg heads with the soil.  I have found that it’s best to pour the dirt into disposable bowls and use small plastic spoons for this process with children.

kids fun 101 - planting the seeds Lightly water the soil, add the seeds, cover them with just a bit more dirt & lightly water again.

We planted basil & oregano yesterday and named our egg heads.  The basil side of our tray were dubbed the ‘Basil Buddies’ and the oregano side of our tray was named ‘The Over Joyed Oregano’s’!  And now, we’re watering daily, providing sunlight at the kitchen window and patiently waiting for our egg-heads to sprout their hair in about 10 days!

kids fun 101 - egg heads And, we can’t wait to use our fresh spices throughout the summer.

Other than Gardening: Before we tried our hand at any gardening, I used to make these with my son’s and plant grass seed for them to sprout hair.  So, if you aren’t ready to start a garden, there’s always an alternative.

The Eggs:  When we hollow the eggs to create the blown egg, we always have scrambled eggs, omelets,  Breakfast Burrito’s orBreakfast Taco’s the next day.

Disclosure: I am pleased to be working with MVP Health Care and the MVP Generation Go Program, which has sponsored this post. My participation is voluntary and my opinion is always my own, as is any advice offered.


Bath Salt Kid Fun

National Bubble Bath Day prompted an entirely different kind of recipe at our counters.  We made         Bath Salts to share;

Our Bath Salt Recipe Fun:

1/2 cup Epsom Salts

1 teaspoon glycerin

1/2 a dropper of essential oil (we used pomegranate vanilla)

3 – 5 drops of soap coloring

Use a glass or metal bowl and a metal spoon to mix your bath salts together.  First we started by measuring the Epsom salts.  Then we measured and added in the glycerin, essential oil and soap coloring and stirred it all together.  You can find the essential oils and soap safe colors by visiting your local craft store.  The soap colors we found had three different colors in a package and so we actually made lavender, a light orange and a sage green colored salts.  We shared our festive fun with a friend and made 8 different bath salt creations & still have more supplies to keep going….and going….and going.

Homemade Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

I was visiting the Williams K. Sanders Library in Loudonville this summer to make frozen yogurt with the kids and Beth Bomba, who works at the library, brought in homemade marshmallow roasting sticks that she thought I might enjoy seeing & she was right, I LOVED IT!

I’ve been waiting for the right day to share this fabulous idea that was passed on to her, on to me & now on to you & when visiting BlogHer12 I learned that today is National Make a S’More Day, so I thought it the perfect day for this share, because everyone needs homemade marshmallow roasting sticks to complete the s’more making process!

Jodie Fitz roasting s'mores at BlogHer12

How did I learn that today was National Make a S’more Day? By visiting the Hershey display at BlogHer12 where they set up an area for attendees to make S’mores at the conference each day.  It was a hit with everyone!

Supplies Needed for your Homemade Marshmallow Roasting Sticks:

1 Wire Hanger with the cardboard tube at the bottom

Wire cutters

Electrical Tape

Step 1: Making a marshmallow roasting stick

Step 1: Remove the medal part of the hanger.

Step 2:  Straighten the hanger hook at the top.

Step 3: Use the wire clippers to remove the small bends in the wire that were inserted in the cardboard tube.

Step 3: making a marshmallow roasting stick

Step 4: Insert the connected wire end into the cardboard tube portion of the hanger so that two prongs appear.

Step 5: Making a marshmallow roasting stick

Step 5: Cover the cardboard tube with electrical tape.

Storing your marshmallow roasting stick

Another Fun Trick: When you are all done roasting, remove the medal from the cardboard tube, squeeze the open prongs together and insert them into the tube for storage until you’re ready for a future roast.

Elizabeth Bomba

Thanks Beth for a FABULOUS share – we love our homemade marshmallow roasting sticks!

And thank you Hershey for the GREAT S’mores at BlogHer12!

Kids Fun 101: Homemade Hula Hoops turns into Olympic Fun!

Homemade hula hoops are great to make. In fact, they can easily be turned into backyard olympic fun;

I can’t believe the Olympics have already been going in full force for almost one week.  I always consider the two week period of the Olympics a great time to promote being ACTIVE!  It’s funny, as much as we are sitting and watching them, I find my youngest more active in other ways as she’s inspired by the athletes.  In fact, she’s already improved her dive, worked on her swimming techniques, attempting to master a side dive & can lemon drop herself into the pool.  Thank you Olympian athletes, because most of her new tricks are nothing that I excel at & can demonstrate, but I do make a great cheering section!  We are moving on to watching more gymnastics, can’t wait to see what grass tumbling is in store…

In the meantime, we got active and celebrated the launch of the Olympics with our own Olympic hula hooping.  We invited a few friends, kept our gathering small & relatively simple by making homemade hula hoops, swimming and then serving light fare with the opening ceremonies.

Homemade Hula Hoops

How do you make a homemade hula hoop (and, turn it into backyard olympic fun)?

1.  Purchase your supplies:

- 3/4 inch irrigation tubing 100 psi found in the plumbing section at your local hardware store.

NOTE: I don’t recommend this activity unless you are having a party.  You can only purchase the tubing in 100 ft. lengths.  Since our party we have made two more to share with a cousin and another friend and still have tubing  hanging out in the basement, however it was FUN & makes for a GREAT birthday party idea.

- 3/4 inch couplers

NOTE: double check that it’s 3/4 inches on both sides, because there are many couplers with varying sizes on either end.

- black duct tape

- colored electrical tape

- cutting device

NOTE: You can purchase a special irrigation tube cutter, but we simply used a sharp X-acto knife.

2.   Measure each child’s length of tubing individually and cut it accordingly.  We measured ours at the mid-way point between one’s belly button & chest; they were a perfect fit.

3.  You have to warm each end, one at a time, in order to fit the connector into the tubing and create the circular hoop.  My husband heard the word ‘blow dryer’ and became Tim the Tool Man, ran down to his work room and brought out this gadget;

Have to say, NOT KID FRIENDLY!  We used it, but I made my husband do the work after he lit it up the first time;  I really didn’t want to explain any unnecessary injuries to parents – LOL!

NOTE: It should connect with barely any of the coupler showing.

4.  Cut a piece of black duct tape and wrap the area you’ve connected to cover the connection.

5.  Decorate your hoops with electrical tape.

NOTE: We were making the olympic rings, however, we substituted a black ring for orange. In order to avoid any issues, I simply placed our electrical tape into a bag and let the kids blindly pull out their colors.  I successfully found green, white, red, orange, yellow and blue prior to the party.  Post party, I located violet.  However, I have to say that I’m glad I found it post-party, because EVERYONE would have wanted it; crisis averted!

You can use duct tape, but it’s stickier and trickier.  The electrical tape is much more forgiving for kids to use in the wrapping process.

Where did I find our products with the best value?

Duct tape = Wal-Mart or a craft store with a coupon

Irrigation Piping & Couplers = Home Depot

White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue & Green Electrical tape = Wal-Mart or AC Moore with a coupon

Violet = Home Depot (it’s the only place I found violet & I visited 5 different stores)